Looking for actors. Participants are required for an acting workshop as part of a PhD research project examining the use of Butoh exercises as a training method for actors. The research aims to identify a series of Butoh exercises that can be used on their own or adapted for the purpose of contributing to acting training methods.

Workshop details

Two groups of participants (maximum of 8 per group) are required to attend a three day acting workshop followed by a post-workshop interview.


Participant requirements

Must be over the age of 18

Speak English or Japanese

Identify as an actor

No training or experience in Butoh or dance


First cycle: June 18 (10am-8pm), June 19 (5pm-10pm), June 20 (5pm-10pm)

Second cycle: July 9 (10am-8pm), July 10 (5pm-10pm), July 11 (5pm-10pm)

*Participants are only required to attend one cycle



There is no cost for participating in the workshop, however, participants will be required to pay for their own transport.


Shakti Studio in Horikiri Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.


E-mail: info@tokyovampire.com